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Let us take you to the most secret parts of Egypt to visit the sites most visitors never see!

We are a specialist company that designs, organises and guides tours to archaeological sites in Egypt. We also arrange visits to the great Egyptology collections across the world. Our tours are composed and led by Archaeologists and Egyptologists with current research experience. The tours give a fresh and research-led perspective of Ancient Egypt far removed from more generic trips. We will take you to the lesser known parts of Egypt to visit the closed sites that most visitors are never allowed to see.

Are you an Ancient Egyptology Society that would like to develop your own itinerary, visiting specific sites that require special openings? We can help.

Are you individual travellers who want a slightly different holiday? Let us work with you to plan your dream trip.

Our company staff have many years of Egyptological travel experience giving us the knowledge of tour design to let you be in control. But don’t just take our word, visit our testimonial page to see what others think. Scroll down for new tours planned during 2017!

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Phone us on: 07956 353847 in the UK or +20 (0) 1205793360 in Egypt
or email us via our contact form

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NEW! (icon)The tomb in Ancient Egypt from the Predynastic to the Pyramid Age

15 – 22 October 2018
It can be argued that the most formative period of development in Egyptian tomb architecture runs from the Predynastic Period up until the early Fourth Dynasty, by which time most of the architectural features that we take for granted today, had largely been introduced. However, the evolution of the Egyptian tomb and the underlying reasons behind its development are rarely discussed, and many of the key sites in the story seldom visited by Egyptophiles or tourists. This tour intends to fill that gap, by visiting a selection of important early royal and private tomb sites in Upper and Lower Egypt, and examining in detail their architecture and the influences that led to their construction.

Pyramid of Meidum (photo: Reg Clark)The tour will be accompanied by our guest lecturer Dr Reg Clark, author of Tomb Security in Ancient Egypt from the Predynastic to the Pyramid Age, who is our expert on the tombs of this period, and whose particular speciality is the architecture of Egyptian tomb security.

Sites visited will include:

  • Hierakonpolis – The City, Fort and the Predynastic necropolis
  • Abydos – The Early Dynastic royal cemetery at Umm el-Qaab, the Shunet el-Zebib, and the temple of Seti I; Beit Khallaf – the Third Dynasty Mastaba K1
  • Saqqara – The Early Dynastic private tombs, the Second Dynasty royal tombs of Kings Hotepsekhemwy and Ninetjer
  • The Third Dynasty step pyramids of Kings Djoser and Sekhemkhet
  • Meidum – The Fourth Dynasty pyramid of King Sneferu and mastaba tombs of his courtiers
  • Dahshur – The Bent and Red pyramids of King Sneferu, and finally, a visit to Cairo Museum

Price: £2,775.00

Further information and booking form here

Exploring Egypt in Paris

09 – 14 May 2017
Egypt Archaeological Tours are excited to announce our European Tour for 2017 will be to the magical city of Paris. This will be a tour with a difference. Cathie Bryan, an Egyptologist who specialises in Egyptian influences on Architecture, will lead two specialised walking tours.

  • The first, looking at the Napoleonic Egyptian influences on the architecture of Paris, will take in several of these curiosities including: the sphinx, the obelisk, the pyramid, the Egyptian temple, and representations of historical and mythological Egyptians.
  • The second, a visit to Père Lachaise cemetery, the earliest, largest and most beautiful Parisian City of the Dead (1804). This walk includes the funerary monuments of a number of important historical figures: including Napoleon’s savants, several Napoleonic Generals, Champollion and de Lessops.

Seated Scribe - The LouvreOf course we could not spend time in Paris without visiting the splendid Egyptian collection at The Louvre. We will have a guided tour of the collection with free time later for you to explore the many other exhibits. This is a tour not to be missed.

  • Two specialised walking tours
  • Guided visit to the Louvre Egyptian Collection
  • 4* hotel accommodation
  • Metro pass
  • Eurostar travel
  • Ttransfers by coach between Gare du Nord and the hotel
  • Welcome meal on our first night
  • Free time to do your own thing.

Further information and booking form here

In the Footsteps of Howard Carter

04 April – 17 April 2017

Egypt Archaeological Tours are very excited to announce this new tour for 2017!

Howard Carter was 17 years old when he found himself transported from rural Norfolk to the land of Egypt, where he would work for the Egypt Exploration Fund as a copyist. He would spend the rest of his life there working as an artist, for the Egyptian Government and finally Lord Carnarvon as an archaeologist.

On this tour we will spend 2 weeks visiting the sites associated with him; including Beni Hassan – where he first started work in Egypt, Deir el Bersha where he famously copied the Alabaster Colossus scene, Amarna where he first learnt the rudiments of archaeology with Flinders Petrie, Deir el Bahri where he was in charge of the epigraphic survey of the temple of Hatshepsut. We will stay at the Winter Palace Hotel Garden Pavilion when in Luxor; the hotel where Carter could be found in his later years, a lonely figure willing to talk to anyone about his famous discovery. Of course we cannot forget his house and the replica tomb of Tutankhamun and much, much more.

The tour will be accompanied by Lee Young who specialises in the archaeological artists; Lee will tell the story of Carter as we travel to give you a further insight into the man – this is a very special tour and is bound to be very popular as interest in this man has never been greater.

Further information and booking form here

Forthcoming tours (graphic)

Eternal Nile Dahabeya Trip 2016

Nile sailing boat

From Luxor to Aswan
24 October – 4 November 2016

This exciting trip that incorporated 5* hotel luxury with the timeless Victorian style travel of a bygone age and its varied programme included a couple of informal evening talks by Lee on this fascinating subject.

One of the highlights of the trip was definitely the special opening visit of the beautiful tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens.

Due to its popularity this tour was a repeat of our 'Eternal Nile Dahabeya Trip' in October 2016

Bologna, Ravenna & Florence

Exhibits at Museo Civico, Bologna

Springtime visit to Bologna, Ravenna & Florence
20 – 25 April 2016

The highlight of this trip was a guided tour of the wonderful new exhibition in Bologna at the Museo Civico Archaeologico combining pieces from the National Museum of Antiquities in the Netherlands; The Egyptian Museums in Florence and Turin; and of course items from the home collection in Bologna.

We also visited the Egyptian collection in the National Archaeology Museum in Florence, (the second largest Egyptology collection in Italy, after Turin) and the astonishing Byzantine mosaics in the archaeological city of Ravenna.

The Mighty Ramessides

Wall painting, tomb of Nefertari, Valley of the Queens

Egypt’s Nineteenth Dynasty in Focus – BSS in Egypt, 2 – 9 November 2015

A Bloomsbury Summer School course taught by BSS favorite, Dr Stephen Harvey, Director of the Ahmose and Tetisheri Project since 1993 and Research Assistant Professor in the Department of History, Stony Brook University, USA. The group was accompanied throughout by BSS deputy-director Lucia Gahlin and by our organiser in Egypt Galal Alsenusy. The course was based in and around Luxor with daily lectures and exploration of relevant ancient sites including special openings of the tombs of Nefertari, Ramesses II and Seti II.


View from Sheikh Kussei HillTemple at KanaisThe Path Less Travelled

14 – 21 March 2016

This was a very special, exciting and unusual 8-day trip to a less visited part of Egypt. We visited the wonderful archaeological sites of the area and travelled across the river walking to El Kab past the tall imposing walls of the old town. We also visted the site of Kanais with its Seti I rock cut Temple, the Roman ruins and ancient well, not forgetting the petroglyphs. Gebel el Silsila, Esna and Edfu Temples were also on offer.

Egypt Archaeological Tours
Phone us on: 07956 353847 in the UK or +20 (0) 1205793360 in Egypt
or email us via our contact form

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Tilor-made tours (graphic)

BSS in Egypt 2016

4–12 November 2016, a 9-day, all-inclusive tour created exclusively for Bloomsbury Summer School (BSS)

Combining lectures and site visits in Aswan and on the shores of Lake Nasser, 'Nubia: A journey through a drowned land' is a vivid exploration of the complex relationship between Egypt and Nubia throughout ancient times, but particularly during the new Kingdom and Ptolemaic-Roman periods. The course will draw together a wide range of sources to create a picture of Nubia, ancient and more modern. The course director is Robert Morkot, one of THE experts on Nubia, with daily lectures and exploration of relevant sites.

Find out more

NEAES in Egypt 2016

Fort at Hierakonpolis

A 12-day tour created exclusively for North East Ancient Egypt Society (NEAES)

Another exciting tour led by Dr Penny Wilson of Durham University visiting sites suggested by members of NEAES. The tour includes sites such as the rarely visited site of Hierakonpolis and promises to be a winner.

Find out more

BSS in Egypt 2014

Mut Temple

9-day, all-inclusive tour created exclusively for Bloomsbury Summer School (BSS)

Based in Giza this tour featured daily lectures and exploration of relevant ancient sites. It traced the history of pyramid building from the step pyramids of the 3rd Dynasty to the smooth sided pyramids of the later Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom, and on. The tour was accompanied throughout by Dr Stephen Harvey and BSS Deputy Director Lucia Gahlin.

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Your tailor-made tour

Whether you're an Egyptology Society that would like to develop your own tour itinerary or individual travellers who want a slightly different holiday we will work with you to plan your dream trip. Our team have many years of Egyptological travel experience giving us the knowledge of tour design to let you be in control. Don’t just take our word, read some of our testimonials to see what others think.

Egypt Archaeological Tours
Phone us on: 07956 353847 in the UK or +20 (0) 1205793360 in Egypt
or email us via our contact form

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Egypt Archaeological Tours Ltd (E.A.T.) was jointly founded by Lee Young and Galal Alsenusy.

Lee writes: "When I was planning my own trips to Egypt, I knew what I did and didn’t want. I didn't want to follow the same trail as all the other visitors, I didn't want to travel in a large anonymous group. I did want knowledgeable guides who spoke good English, and I did want all the on-the-ground arrangements to be just so".

"This is what we have tried to create at Egypt Archaeological Tours and I think we have succeeded in doing so; smaller groups, itineraries that you choose, special openings and expert guides".

Lee manages the business from her office in the historic city of Bath in the U.K., organising flights and itineraries and dealing with any issues that might arise prior to departure.

Galal is based in Egypt where he researches and plans E.A.T.'s tour itineraries. He is a passionate Egyptologist, an experienced tour manager and a qualified guide. In addition to accompanying all E.A.T Egyptian tours Galal arranges access to special sites, visits hotels to ensure they meet the best standards and makes all the local arrangements to ensure your visit goes as smoothly and enjoyably as possible.

Egypt Archaeological Tours
Phone us on: 07956 353847 in the UK or +20 (0) 1205793360 in Egypt
or email us via our contact form

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Testimonials (graphic)

“Having recently returned from a trip to Luxor organised by Archaeological Tours and still revelling in the experience, I can heartily recommend this company to veterans and new visitors alike. Through their network we enjoyed the wonderment of visits to less well known sites as well as better known sites - all enthusiastically talked through by our local guide. Most of all the trip benefited from being led by Lucia Gahlin who with her passion and knowledge brought the whole tour together and made the ancient world accessible to both the old and new hands amongst us.” LW

"I have travelled to Egypt this year and all the arrangements made by Egypt Archaeological Tours were superb. Nothing was too much trouble and they had thought of everything to ensure that things ran smoothly. I would recommend them unreservedly and I look forward to visiting Egypt again in the future and using their services." AW

"I have recently travelled to Luxor with the Plymouth & District Egyptological Society under the guidance of Lee and Lucia. This was my first trip to Egypt and it had the 'Wow factor' from the outset. All of the travel plans went extremely smoothly and nothing was too much trouble for anyone if there were queries etc. All questions were answered before and during the trip. The Egyptian guides and mini-bus driver were all so personable and friendly, it added to the trip. The sites visited were fantastic and I feel very privileged to have been part of such a wonderful trip. The friendliness of the trip organisers and fellow travellers was second-to-none and I don't think anything could have gone better. This was my first but certainly not my last trip and I look forward to returning in the future." JP

"Just back from a wonderful trip organised by Egypt Archaeological Tours - the perfect way to take a step back in time a step forward in imagination. A wonderful itinerary combined familiar sites (Valley of the Queens, Dendera etc) with some less well known (eg searching for rock art in Wadi Hammamat, Seti I temple at Kanais) all smoothly organised by Galal. Enass, our guide, set the scene at each site bringing the wonderful history to life in my imagination and allowing me to view the sites more clearly. All in all an unforgettable experience which I would recommend to anyone who wants to get a real taste of Egypt." GB-H

"The visit of the BSS to Egypt was excellent. All the arrangements went as planned, and we were able to visit some unusual sites. I have been to Egypt several times, but still got to sites I had never seen before. I am very happy to recommend to anyone hoping to go to Egypt" OH

"I have recently travelled with Egypt Archaeological Tours in Upper Egypt and in Cairo. On both occasions, the organisation was meticulous, no delays, no upsets, everything went like clock-work.Regular travellers to this country will appreciate how much back-ground work must go into such a perfectly presented programme. When there was an unavoidable change, due to the government's new decisions for instance, a replacement plan had already been drawn up, and on one occasion I even preferred Plan B! Galal al-Senusi, the local representative, is an excellent organiser. He must have a gift for dealing with authorities, drivers, porters etc, even with tourists. He is always doing his utmost to help, and as he is also an academic, he knows precisely what lecturers and travellers require. After some 30 trips to Egypt, I felt most comfortable with these EAT trips and their perfect organisation." DB

Egypt Archaeological Tours
Phone us on: 07956 353847 in the UK or +20 (0) 1205793360 in Egypt
or email us via our contact form

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Egypt Archaeological Tours
Phone us on: 07956 353847 in the UK or +20 (0) 1205793360 in Egypt
or email us via our contact form

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