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BSS in Egypt 2016 : Nubia – a journey through a drowned land

Derr 2nd hall

Derr 2nd hall

4–12 November 2016, a 9-day, all-inclusive tour created exclusively for Bloomsbury Summer School (BSS)

Combining lectures and site visits in Aswan and on the shores of Lake Nasser, we bring you a vivid exploration of the complex relationship between Egypt and Nubia throughout ancient times, but par ticularly during the New Kingdom and Ptolemaic – Roman periods. We will find that the Nubian temples reveal much about the development of Egyptian theology during the New Kingdom, as well as the changing political situation and Egyptian imperialism. This course will consider the importance of Nubia to Egypt, and the influence of Egypt on Nubia. This will be the first time BSS has included a cruise on Lake Nasser in a ‘BSS in Egypt’ course. We will consider what Nubia – both ancient and pre-High Dam – looked like. Fortunately we have many travel narratives, extending from the straightforward observations of John Lewis Burckhardt to the purple prose of Amelia Edwards. These narratives are supplemented by the numerous graffiti left by travellers – again spanning ancient and modern worlds: we can see the Greek inscriptions on the colossi of Abu Simbel from the time of Psamtik II's campaign (593 BC), and the graffiti of 19th century scholars and tourists, and the military expeditions to the 'Soodan'. This course will draw together a wide range of sources to create a picture of Nubia, ancient and more modern. Our Course Director, Dr Robert Morkot is author of The Black Pharaohs, Egypt’s Nubian Rulers and Nubia: a journey through a drowned land (forthcoming). Our Course Coordinator accompanying the group will be BSS Co-Director Lucia Gahlin. Our Tour Coordinator in Egypt will be Galal Alsenusy who has arranged all our BSS in Egypt courses to date.

Course fee: £3250 (single supplement: £350).

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NEAES in Egypt 2016

Fort at Hierakonpolis

Fort at Hierakonpolis

A 12-day tour created exclusively for North East Ancient Egypt Society (NEAES)

Another exciting tour led by Dr Penny Wilson of Durham University visiting sites suggested by members of NEAES. The tour includes sites such as the rarely visited site of Hierakonpolis and promises to be a winner.

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BSS in Egypt 2014

BSS 2014: NK tomb saqqara

BSS 2014: Tanis

9-day, all-inclusive tour created exclusively for Bloomsbury Summer School (BSS)

A tour based in Giza with daily lectures and exploration of relevant ancient sites. It traced the history of pyramid building from the step pyramids of the 3rd Dynasty, to the smooth sided pyramids of the later Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom, and on.
The course was designed and taught by Dr Stephen Harvey, Director of the Ahmose and Tetisheri Project since 1993. In addition the group was accompanied throughout by, Lucia Gahlin, the BSS Deputy Director, and also by our organiser in Egypt Galal Alsenusy who has been responsible for the successful organization of all five BSS in Egypt courses/tours to date. Previous leaders have included, John Romer and Robert Morkot.
This tour included an unusually large number of visits to sites usually closed to visitors. There were special openings to gain access to:

  • Inside Djoser’s Step Pyramid,
  • Inside the Sphinx Enclosure at Giza,
  • Abu Roash,
  • Abusir,
  • Abu Ghurab,
  • South Saqqara,
  • Mastabat el-Pharaon,
  • Middle Kingdom pyramids at Dahshur, and Lisht.

Comments received from a member of the group from travelled on this tour:

"The visit of the BSS to Egypt was excellent. All the arrangements went as planned, and we were able to visit some unusual sites. I have been to Egypt several times, but still got to sites I had never seen before. I am very happy to recommend to anyone hoping to go to Egypt." OH

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PADES in Egypt 2014

Pades 2014: Tomb of Ramose

Pades 2014: Gebel el-Silsila

10-day, all-inclusive tour created exclusively for Plymouth and District Egyptology Society (PADES)

An exciting and well-balanced tour created especially for the Plymouth Ancient Egypt Society from a list of sites suggested by members of the group. It includes a number of rarely-visited sites.
The tour was accompanied throughout by Lucia Gahlin who was available to answer questions, discuss Egyptology and give talks on some evenings.
We were able to visit newly opened sites including:

  • the 20th dynasty tomb of Amenemope(t) (TT148),
  • the recently conserved Roman Period Temple of Isis at Deir el-Shelwit,
  • the newly re-opened tomb of the Ramesside Queen Tity (QV52) in the valley of the Queens
  • the newly opened Temple of Mut at Karnak.

Also included were sites like Kanais, Wadi Hammamet El Kab and Gebel el-Silsila.

The small size of this group enhanced the experience.

Comments received from a member of the group from travelled on this tour:

"I have recently travelled to Luxor with the Plymouth and District Egyptological Society under the guidance of Lee and Lucia. This was my first trip to Egypt and it had the 'Wow factor' from the outset. All of the travel plans went extremely smoothly and nothing was too much trouble for anyone if there were queries etc. All questions were answered before and during the trip. The Egyptian guides and mini-bus driver were all so personable and friendly, it added to the trip. The sites visited were fantastic and I feel very privileged to have been part of such a wonderful trip. The friendliness of the trip organisers and fellow travellers was second-to-none and I don't think anything could have gone better. This was my first but certainly not my last trip and I look forward to returning in the future." JP

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