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BSS in Egypt 2014

26th October 2014

Pyramids of Egypt

Course Director: Dr Stephen Harvey

4 – 12 October 2014

Following the sell-out success of Stephen Harvey’s BSS in Egypt 2012 course, we bring you a NEW course taught mostly in Giza with daily lectures and exploration of relevant ancient sites.


What made this course special


About the Course Director

Dr Stephen Harvey taught our sell-out BSS in Egypt course on Abydos in 2012. He has been Director of the Ahmose and Tetisheri Project since 1993, excavating the monumental complex of King Ahmose at Abydos. This will be a unique opportunity to hear this distinguished Egyptologist give a week of lectures in Egypt on the fascinating subject of pyramids.


Course programme

Day 1
Fly from Heathrow to Cairo. Check in to 5* Le Méridien Pyramids Hotel in Giza for 6 nights.

Day 2
Visit Saqqara including Imhotep Museum, Serapeum, mastaba tombs of Ti and Ptahhotep, and inside Djoser’s Step Pyramid.
Lunch included.
Lecture 1: Pyramid Origins: Stairway to Heaven, Rays of the Sun, Mound of Creation.
Welcome dinner (included).

Day 3
Visit Sneferu’s pyramid complex at Meidum including mastaba 17 and exteriors of mastabas of Rahotep and Nefermaat; Sneferu’s pyramid complexes (‘Bent’ and ‘Red’) at Dahshur.
Lunch included.
Lecture 2: Upwards and Outwards: Imhotep and Changing Ideas of What a Royal Tomb Should Be.
Lecture 3: Creative Genius in the Reign of Sneferu: Dahshur and Meidum.

Day 4
Visit Giza including all 3 pyramid complexes, Solar Boat Museum, inside Great Pyramid, mastaba of Meresankh, inside Sphinx Enclosure; Djedefra’s pyramid complex at Abu Roash.
Lunch included.
Lecture 4: Metropolis of the Dead: Giza as a Mirror of Egyptian Society.
Lecture 5: Ships, Boats, and Transport in the Royal Mortuary Complexes.

Day 5
Visit Saqqara again including exterior of pyramids of Userkaf and Unas, inside pyramid of Teti, mastaba tombs of Kagemni, Mereruka, the ‘Two Brothers’ Niankhkhnum & Khnumhotep, the ‘Butcher’ Irukaptah and the ‘Birds’ Neferherenptah, New Kingdom tombs of Horemheb, Maya and Tia.
Lunch included.
Lecture 6: Relief, Ritual, and Performance in the Old Kingdom Pyramid Complex.
Lecture 7: King Tut's Pyramids: Ancient Visitors, Lion Hunters, and Artists.

Day 6
Visit the mastaba of Ptahshepses and 5th dynasty pyramid complexes at Abusir; Niuserra’s sun temple at Abu Ghurab.
Lunch included.
Lecture 8: Abusir: The Construction and Organization of Royal Monuments for Eternity.
Lecture 9: Pyramid Traditions and Transformations in the Middle Kingdom.

Day 7
Visit 6th dynasty pyramid complexes at South Saqqara and Shepseskaf’s Mastabat el-Pharaon; Middle Kingdom pyramids of Amenhemhat III (‘Black Pyramid’) & Senwosret III at Dahshur.
Lunch included.
Check in to 5* Helnan Auberge Faiyum Hotel on Lake Karoun for 1 night.
Dinner included.
Lecture 10: Everybody's Pyramids: The End of the Royal Tradition.

Day 8
Visit 12th dynasty pyramid complexes at Lisht, Lahun and Hawara. Lunch included.
Check in to 5* Le Méridien Heliopolis Hotel for 1 night.
Farewell Dinner (included)

Day 9
Fly from Cairo to Heathrow.


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