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Fascinated by ancient civilisations?

We offer anyone with any level of knowledge, inspiring short courses on ancient Egypt and other areas of the ancient world.

2023 Course timetable

Saturday 6 May and also Sunday 7 May

A Taste of Demotic

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Course Director: Dr Franziska Naether (University of Leipzig)


Saturday 6 May / Sunday 7 May

09:45* – 10:00
Participants login to Zoom*; BSS Director’s Welcome Address

10:00 – 11:15
1. The Demotic Script and Language and Practical Session: Writing Demotic alphabetic signs

(For this session you will need pen / pencil and paper. You can also try out other writing implements such as ink / felt / permanent marker pens, fineliners, feather and reed pens, as well as different writing surfaces such as papyrus, pottery, parchment, etc. if you have these to hand and if you are keen)

11:15 – 11:45

11:45 – 13:00
2. Demotic Studies: A History – including the Rosetta Stone and Practical Session: Reading names in Demotic

13:00 – 14:00

14:00 – 15:15
3. Graeco-Roman Egypt – A Multilingual Society and Practical Session: Learning important Demotic words

15:15 – 15:45

15:45 – 17:00
4. Of Taxes and Tales – Demotic Documentary and Literary Texts and Practical Session: A taste of Demotic on ostracon, papyrus, and the Rosetta Stone

17:00 – 18:00
Virtual Reception on Zoom (you are welcome to invite guests)


* All times are London UK time; Zoom waiting room opens 15 minutes prior to the start.

Timetables, once published, are unlikely to change, but remain provisional until the first day of the course.