Welcome to the latest edition of the BES Directory of British Egyptological Societies.

All pages may be printed, as a whole, or as individual pages, in PDF format. Printed, bound copies of the directory may be obtained from Sussex Egyptology Society on request (, at a cost of £7.50 inc p&p in UK.

Founded by the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society, the directory was created to help keep the growing band of UK Egyptological groups informed about each other. It provides details about each society’s officers and membership, its lecture venues, and links to the individual society web sites for details of lecture programmes where available.

Sometimes groups change officers, move or disband — if your society is in this directory but its details need changing please let us know. Also, if you know of any new or unlisted groups, please tell us so that we can ensure that the BES Directory is as complete as possible.

Michael & Lynn Oakey
August 2007


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Title photo: Terracotta figure of the god Bes wielding a sword; Roman period; Graeco-Roman Museum, Alexandria; by Michael Oakey ©

Michael Oakey is a founder member and committee member of Sussex Egyptology Society and Editor of Aeroplane, an international historic aviation magazine published monthly by IPC Media Ltd in London. His wife Lynn is also a committee member and treasurer of Sussex Egyptology Society.

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