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Kom Ombo - James Kellie

Hatshepsut-at-Deir-el-Bahri - James Kellie

Photos by James Kellie

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8th July 2016

John Romer at Medinet Habu

John Romer at Medinet Habu

John Romer returns to Bloomsbury Summer School this winter

Our December study day will be a rare opportunity to hear John Romer speak in the UK. Come and hear this thought-provoking and charismatic Egyptologist give four lectures to tie in with his latest book: A History of Ancient Egypt Volume 2: from the Great Pyramid to the fall of the Middle Kingdom.



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1st July 2016

Underwater archaeologists in Egypt’s bay of Abukir on the Mediterranean coast. Photo Chris Gerigk © Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation.

Underwater archaeologists in Egypt’s bay of Abukir on the Mediterranean coast.

Photo Chris Gerigk © Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation.

You can now buy tickets for our Autumn study day

This day of 4 lectures will focus on this summer’s most talked about topic: Shipwrecks and Sunken Cities: maritime archaeology shedding light on Egypt and the Mediterranean’s ancient navigation, trade, industry and religion. The curators of both current blockbuster underwater exhibitions at the Ashmolean Museum and British Museum will be speaking to us, alongside archaeologists from the excavations at the port of Naukratis in Egypt’s Delta, and the shipwrecks in the Fourni archipelago near Turkey.




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15th June 2016

Liam McNamara, Wim Van Neer, BSS Co-Director Lucia Gahlin, Renée Friedman and Stan Hendrickx

Our lecturers from left to right: Liam McNamara, Wim Van Neer, Renée Friedman and Stan Hendrickx, with BSS’s Co-Director Lucia Gahlin in the middle. Photo: Peter Phillips.

Unique Discoveries and New Ideas: Exciting Times at Hierakonpolis …and exciting times were certainly had at BSS last Saturday

Dr Renée Friedman, Director of the Hierakonpolis Expedition brought together eminent members of her team to share their latest excavations and ideas with 170 of us at our Summer Study Day. We went home with our brains whirling with new interpretations and information. A huge thank you to Reneée Friedman, Wim Van Neer, Liam McNamara and Stan Hendrickx for an enthralling day.





10th March 2016

Dr Irving Finkel

No one makes cuneiform tablets fascinating like Dr Irving Finkel does. Here he holds forth at our March study day.

Our Ancient Mesopotamian Magic and
Medicine study day

The British Museum’s charismatic, provocative, and deeply knowledgeable Assyriologist Dr Irving Finkel delighted 175 BSS students on March 5th. All the questions and comments from the audience really added to the day. Very many thanks to Irving Finkel for sharing his extraordinary insights, and so much pre-publication research with us.





30th December 2015

Robert Morkot, Harkhuf's tomb

Robert Morkot explains the tomb of Harkhuf to BSS in Egypt 2011 participants

Announcing our next course taught in Egypt

In November Egyptologist and Nubia-expert Dr Robert Morkot will be teaching Nubia: a journey through a drowned land for us in Aswan and on a Lake Nasser cruise. A new ‘BSS in Egypt’ course combining lectures and visits to ancient sites, culminating in our arrival at Abu Simbel by boat.

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18th December 2015

Dr Renée Friedman

Dr Renée Friedman, Director of the Hierakonpolis Expedition

Announcing our Summer 2016 study day

New to BSS in 2016 will be a Summer Study Day, and we are thrilled that the Director of the Hierakonpolis Expedition, Dr Renée Friedman, has agreed to bring members of her team along to BSS to tell us all about the newest discoveries at one of Egypt’s most important archaeological sites.

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15th December 2015

Jo Marchant BSS study day Dec 2015

Jo Marchant at our recent study day.

A day of fascinating lectures

Our December study day was a day of intriguing lectures by award-winning science writer Dr Jo Marchant – a heady mix of DNA and other scientific analysis on the mummies of Tutankhamun and supposed members of the Amarna royal family; the extraordinary Antikythera mechanism found in an ancient shipwreck; and the world’s oldest known rock art, in Indonesian caves.






8th December 2015

Dr Irving Finkel, a scholar passionate about cuneiform tablets

Dr Irving Finkel, a scholar passionate about cuneiform tablets.

Announcing our first study day of 2016

Back by popular demand… Dr Irving Finkel will give four lively and varied lectures on Saturday 5th March on one of his areas of special interest Magic and Medicine in Ancient Mesopotamia. An erudite and entertaining speaker, loved by BSS audiences. It would be great if you could join us.

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24th November 2015

BSS group, Luxor Temple

BSS group in Luxor Temple: discussing Ramesses II’s additions to Amenhotep III’s temple.

Another successful BSS course in Egypt

23 of us are just back from another fabulous ‘BSS in Egypt’ course in Luxor. Dr Stephen Harvey gave 10 excellent lectures on the early Ramesside Period, complemented by a range of fascinating site visits, including 'special openings' of Seti I's temple at Kanais, Ramesses II's portal temple at Kom el-Sultan, Abydos, and the extraordinary tombs of Seti I, Ramesses II, Ramesses II's sons (KV5) and Nefertari. Huge thanks to our lecturer Stephen Harvey, guide Enass Salah and tour coordinators Lee Young and Galal Alsenusy of Egypt Archaeological Tours.

See more photos from this course



21st October 2015

Professor Salima Ikram

Professor Salima Ikram at our BSS study day on 18th October

Professor Salima Ikram brought Egypt’s Western Desert to life for us

Our ‘Great Oasis’ study day was attended by 180 enthusiasts of Egyptian archaeology. Salima Ikram enthralled us with four wonderful lectures. A huge thank you to Salima for flying from Cairo to join us for this very special day.






21st September 2015

Tutankhamun’s canopic chest

Tutankhamun’s canopic chest, Egyptian Museum Cairo

A double dose of Tutankhamun this winter

Why not combine our study day with Dr Jo Marchant on Sunday 13 December, ‘When Science and Archaeology Collide: a day of discovery’ (including a lecture on Tutankhamun’s mummy) with the Friends of the Petrie Museum study day on Saturday 12 December ‘Tutankhamun’s knickers and other knotty textile questions’. Both study days will take place in the same lecture theatre, so you can stay nearby and enjoy another Egyptology weekend in London.

Find out more and book your place on our study day

Find out more and book your place on the Friends of the Petrie Museum study day:


12th August 2015


Professor Salima Ikram will be joining us from Egypt this Autumn.

Egyptology thriving in London

We have coordinated with London’s Egypt Exploration Society this Autumn. Why not come to London for the weekend to attend their study day, On the Trail of Imhotep, on Saturday 17 October, followed by our study day with Professor Salima Ikram, The Great Oasis: history and archaeology of Egypt’s Kharga and Dakhla Oases, on Sunday 18 October.

Find out more and book your place on our study day

Find out more and book your place on the EES study day



5th August 2015


Thoth, Ancient Egyptian god of knowledge (and logo for BSS).

Our 25th summer of providing top-quality short courses on Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East

6 courses, 8 fantastic lecturers, and 120 participants – another wonderful 3 weeks of Bloomsbury Summer Schools. Thank you all!

And now we’re having fun planning our courses for summer 2016 …





29th June 2015

The Shadow King (book jacket)

Jo Marchant’s 2nd book, praised as “luminous and illuminating” by The Guardian.

Another BSS study day to look forward to

Tutankhamun and Amarna royal mummies DNA, a 2000 year old computer, and the oldest known cave art. Join us for a day with Dr Jo Marchant on scientific research and the ancient world.

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13th April 2015

Salima Ikram.

Professor Salima Ikram excavating at Kharga Oasis.

Professor Salima Ikram flying in from Cairo to give a BSS study day

We are very excited that one of Egyptology’s most charismatic lecturers has agreed to give four lectures at a BSS study day in October.

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5th March 2015

Irving Finkel

Dr Irving Finkel at our BSS study day on 28th February 2015.

The Wonder of Cuneiform: a passionate exploration of some of Mesopotamia’s most important ancient records

Dr Irving Finkel gave four lectures at our study day on 28th February, that weren’t just passionate, they were a tour de force. He had an audience of 190 captivated by his wit and erudition. We hope very much he’ll visit us again at BSS before too long.





6th January 2015

Stephen Harvey

Dr Stephen Harvey explaining the site at a 'special opening’
of the Sphinx Enclosure (BSS in Egypt 2014).

Announcing BSS in Egypt 2015

Back by popular demand ... we bring you Dr Stephen Harvey with a new course taught in Egypt on The Mighty Ramessides: Egypt’s Nineteenth Dynasty in Focus, with visits to ancient sites including tombs not usually open to visitors: those of Seti I, Ramesses II and Nefertari.






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