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Fascinated by ancient civilisations?

We offer anyone with any level of knowledge, inspiring short courses on Ancient Egypt and other areas of the Ancient World.

Summer Schools

Founded in 1990, we endeavour to present the finest programme of summer courses in Egyptology and Ancient World history, languages and archaeology, available in the UK. In 2018 we are offering eight intensive 5-day summer courses for adults of all ages: lifelong learners, students wishing to broaden their studies, and sixth-formers perhaps considering further study in these subject areas.

2018 programme cover

2018 Courses

Hieroglyphs, Coptic, and Ancient Egyptian, Near Eastern, and Mesoamerican history, archaeology and culture.

Courses take place during July at University College London (UCL), in the heart of Bloomsbury in central London. Places still available.

Study Days

We stage up to four study days each year in central London. These take place at the weekend and each day has four lectures given by one or more speakers. We have a reputation for attracting a range of fine speakers of international status, including over the years: Professor Kent Weeks, Dr Irving Finkel, Professor Geoffrey Martin, Mr John Romer, Professor Rosalie David, and Professor David O’Connor.

Tombs and Temples of El Kab: current fieldwork and research

Our 2018 study day was a huge success with 150 enthusiastic participants enjoying 4 brilliant lectures given by members of the Oxford University Expedition to El Kab – Vivian Davies, Luigi Prada, Susanne Woodhouse and Liam McNamara. We would like to thank the four speakers for sharing so much of their recent and exciting research with us.

Painted figures on wall In the tomb of Paheri

In the tomb of Pahari, El Kab

BSS in Egypt

We are proud to have organised at least one course in Egypt every year since 2009. This is a very special learning opportunity: a programme of lectures and visits to archaeological sites, some usually closed to visitors but opened specially for BSS by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Daily visits to ancient monuments, accompanied by a renowned Egyptologist, enhance this learning experience.

BSS in Egypt 2018

Our hieroglyphs course taught by Dr Bill Manley in Luxor in November 2018 was another great 'BSS in Egypt'. It was our 10th year staging BSS courses in Egypt and we were very happy that 18 of you chose to join us for 'An Expedition to Read Hieroglyphs'. Many thanks must go to our Course Director Bill Manley; our guide on the sites Amr El Sharqawy; and Galal Alsenusy and Gail Bowen-Huggett of Egypt Archaeological Tours who arranged all our transportation, accommodation at the Winter Palace Garden Pavilion, wonderful group meals, and site visits including special openings of the Temple of Montu at Medamud; the Tomb of Senenmut at Deir el-Bahri; the Temple-Tomb of Mentuhotep Nebhepetra at Deir el Bahri; the tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings; and the Tomb of Amenemopet-Pairy at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna.

Bill Manley and Amr El Sharqawy talk to BSS students in front of the tomb of Ankhtify at Mo’alla

Bill Manley and Amr El Sharqawy talk to BSS students in front of the tomb of Ankhtify at Mo’alla

Latest News

We are delighted to have had 160 of you attend our eight summer schools this year. A huge thank you to our fabulous course directors: Dr Lidija McKnight, Dr Iwona Kozieradzka-Ogunmakin, Dr Bill Manley, Dr José-R. Perez-Accino, Professor Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, Dr Luigi Prada, Dr Elizabeth Baquedano and Dr Campbell Price. As always, highlights of the 4 weeks included the classes taught in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology and our evening receptions held there.

Vivian Davies, Luigi Prada, Liam McNamara and Susanne Woodhouse at 2018 Study Day

BSS Course Director Dr Campbell Price at BSS reception in Petrie Museum, in front of the new display of shabtis (Photo: Gwyn Ashworth-Pratt)