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Fascinated by ancient civilisations?

We offer anyone with any level of knowledge, inspiring short courses on Ancient Egypt and other areas of the Ancient World.


Summer School

"I’ve been to BSS every year since 1994 – the chance to immerse myself in Egyptology for a week or two, with great teachers and friendly fellow students, is something I absolutely treasure."
Mick Oakey

"As an overseas student, it's the highlight of my year – the unique combination of Learning, Sharing, Focussing for a whole week on a chosen topic in a friendly & approachable environment, renewing old Friendships, and the added privilege of lectures by people who are household names in Egyptology & Ancient Near East circles, is what keeps me coming back."
Gill R

"BSS – where else could I actually handle objects created and used by the Ancient Egyptians, except in the Petrie Museum as part of a BSS class? Brilliant!"
Kay Fox

"My favorite course was "Egypt and the Natural World", where 10 real experts came and told us about everything from birds to bread and beer making – brilliant talks, and now I can put faces to some of the experts whose works I've read".
Kay Fox

"BSS Summer School IS my summer holiday, not only do I "go" to Egypt , I "go back" thousands of years in time."
Gwyn Ashworth–Pratt

"It's a terrific opportunity to learn more about the ancient world in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere – no pressure and great fun."
Esmond Lindop



BSS in Egypt


A brilliantly-structured course – the site visits tied in wonderfully with the content – thank you so much.
Susan B

I really enjoyed the course and site visits, a great introduction to Luxor!
Chris Seymour

My first BSS in Egypt and I was very impressed with the organisation. It seemed as though nothing was too much trouble. So good to be back in a peaceful Egypt.
Ray Barker

I am highly satisfied and think these study tours are extremely well organised and very enjoyable. This was a fantastic tour.
Anne G.

I found this course/tour completely met my goals and expectations. The experience was outstanding, excellent value for money, and I had a fabulous time. Everyone got on well and it was a huge amount of fun.
Anne-Marie Pope




We had a great time and our only regret is having to be back in a cold UK! The site visits were incredible and the detailed pre–visit notes most helpful. Robert Morkot’s lectures were outstanding – a clear voice, humour used effectively and quality PowerPoint presentations. He was keen to answer any question and none he could not deal with.”
Jeff & Olive H.

Robert Morkot’s lectures were excellent. Same goes for site visits – I just hope that I can remember all I have learnt! Our guide Ahmed El Saghir was very knowledgeable and keen to share his knowledge with us.”

I just wish to re–iterate what a wonderful and special experience BSS in Egypt was. I was quite overwhelmed by many of the sites, particularly the ones that I have never seen – the Nubian temples. Ahmed was a splendid guide and we were so lucky to have so much time at each site. I have so many happy memories! Thank you again, I hope to be able to go on another BSS in Egypt course in the future.”
Lyn S.


This was a wonderful trip with incredible organisation. In fact it was perfect and was no doubt the best trip to Egypt I have ever had (I have been there 10 times so you had competitors!!!)"
Pilar S.

"Another brilliant course with BSS in Egypt. Every detail is always taken care of to ensure that we have an unforgettable experience. Thanks go to all who work so hard both here in the UK (in the US in the case of Stephen Harvey) and in Egypt to provide us with such wonderful memories.”
Angela W.

I really appreciate yours and your team’s very hard work. The tour, as usual, was superb and I would be really sad to miss one. Looking forward to next year's itinerary already.”
Anne G.

The recent tour to Egypt by BSS was to me a huge success. A combination of near perfect organisation by Lucia and Galal, wonderful sites visited and explained by Enass, and a superb group of people. Couldn't ask for more. Thank you.”
David W.