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Fascinated by ancient civilisations?

We offer anyone with any level of knowledge, inspiring short courses on Ancient Egypt and other areas of the Ancient World.

Summer School courses 2018 – recommended reading

Reading Coptic: the early texts

Smith, R. (1993) A Concise Coptic-English Lexicon. Scholars Press, Atlanta.



Kings, Courtiers, Creatures and Commoners: three millennia of funerary practice at Saqqara

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Hieroglyphs for Beginners

Collier, M. & Manley, B. (ideally 2003 revised edition, but earlier edition fine) How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs. British Museum Press.


Reading Hieroglyphs: Amenhotep III and his court

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The Animal World of the Ancient Near East: from mice to men to monsters

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Ancient Egypt Reinvented: exploring the manifold identities of Graeco-Roman Egypt

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Mesoamerica’s Greatest Civilisations: history and archaeology

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Ancient Egypt in 100 Objects

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Available online at: